Electric Leadership

Tristan Hinoul | Team Principal

Tristan Hinoul | Team Principal

Louis Rigo | Mechanical Technical Director

Louis Rigo | Mechanical Technical Director

Evan Wildenberg  | Electronics Technical Director

Evan Wildenberg | Electronics Technical Director

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Joshua Leland  |  Business Director

Joshua Leland | Business Director

BIusness Team

The Electrical Firmware Team is responsible for sponsor relations, competition related business events and organizing events in conjunction with the university.

Team Members: Joshua Leland

Gabe Gozum | Firmware Lead

Gabe Gozum | Firmware Lead

Electrical Firmware Team

The Electrical Firmware Team is responsible for all software on the car. They create and manage software for micro-controllers on the car for controls, safety, and communication between both low voltage and high voltage components on the car.

Team Members: Dominic Bourget, Alex Vesel, Dayton Lindsay, Mostafa Wail Hassan

Kyle Anderson | Accumulator Co-Lead

Kyle Anderson | Accumulator Co-Lead

Brandon Sielski | Accumulator Co-Lead

Brandon Sielski | Accumulator Co-Lead


Accumulator Team

The accumulator team is responsible for designing and building the high voltage battery which will power the electric car. This battery is made up from many small cells which must be packaged into a form which minimizes weight, maximizes total capacity, and has great ease of maintenance.

Team Members: Brandon Sielski, Gunnar Schmitz, Kyle Anderson, Shuai Yuan


Kelvin He | Controls Lead

Kelvin He | Controls Lead

Controls TEAM

The controls team is responsible for creating and implementing algorithms which make use of data provided by sensors to make the car run faster and more efficiently.

Team Members: Gabriel Gozum, Kelvin Zheyu He


Shannon Egan | Aerodynamics Lead

Shannon Egan | Aerodynamics Lead

Connor Keleher | Chassis Lead

Aerodynamics TEAM

The aerodynamics team for the electric car collaborates closely with their combustion equivalents. They are responsible for manufacturing any parts of the car that are made of carbon fiber, namely the monocoque, bodywork, and the wings.

Team Members: Damask Grinnell, Dylan Zinkgraf, Elliot Kimmel, Jon Lund, Junjie Shen, Louis Rigo, Max Behrens, Ted Burns, Walker Silha



Chassis Team

The chassis team works to take advantage to the good work done by the other sub-teams and turn it into lap times. They are responsible for the hybrid monocoque frame, steering, suspension, Brakes and vehicle dynamics to make Wisconsin Racing vehicles some of the best handling in the world.

Team Members: Kissak Saraijan, Louis Rigo

Evan Hakamaki | High Voltage Lead

Evan Hakamaki | High Voltage Lead

Justin Pierro | Low Voltage Hardware Lead

Justin Pierro | Low Voltage Hardware Lead



The Electrical Systems Team is responsible for all low voltage components on the car. Connected by a wiring harness, they are the ECU, Steering Wheel, Data Logger, Sensors, Low Voltage Battery and distribution, and Wireless Modem. We design custom PCBs using Altium, our custom circuits include a power distribution panel, resistive sensors, and embedded electronics in the steering wheel.

Team Members: Marisa Tisler, Evan Hakamaki, Justin Pierro, Anders Bandt, Kai Linsenmeyer, Hunter Alexander, Jacob Hoeg, Patrick Higgins

Tristan Hinoul | Drivetrain Lead

Tristan Hinoul | Drivetrain Lead


The Drivetrain Team is responsible for taking all of the energy of the accumulator in the form of AC current from the inverters and convert it into torque at each one of the tires. Designing custom planetary gear boxes, electric motors, and working in collaboration with the chassis team on housing everything including the upright inside of each tire. Our team is also responsible for cooling design of the vehicle, keeping the motors and inverters working at optimal states.


Team Members: Max Liben, Nick Zoellick



Kevin Byrne - Drivetrain

Tyler Hanzlik - Drivetrain

Michael Siem - Electronics

Alex Miller - Aero

Cory Karnick - Controls


Dan Janecek - Controls

Mike Pyrtko - Accumulator

Will Sixel - Controls

Matthew From - Electronics

Marissa Tisler - Electronics

Jason Sylvestre - Power Electronics

Max Liben - Motors


Liam West- Accumulator

James Neville- Drivetrain

William Kuinski- In hub transmissions, Brakes

Tim Coutre- Electronics


Steve Krug - Vehicle Dynamicist, WR-215 Monocoque Designer