Wisconsin Racing has always prided itself on pushing the limits of design. In spirit of that determination the WR-218e is developed around an all-wheel drive architecture. This architecture utilizes a custom in-hub drive unit, optimally designed to minimize mass and maximize available torque.


Motors: Wisconsin Racing 1

The extremely power dense first edition of Wisconsin Racings’ custom motors power the in-hub drive units for the WR-218e.

The combination of intelligently selected materials and components together with innovative geometry enables the unparalleled performance.

The Wisconsin Racing engineers worked tirelessly to optimize the motor configuration for the teams specific application. After months of work the team is proud to bring to life a unique permanent magnet synchronous motor.

In-Hub Assembly

Wisconsin Racing's second in-hub motor design utilizes a 13.67:1 compound planetary gear reduction.

The novel hub motor system will deliver over 300 Nm of torque to each of the tires tires, helping to propel the car to top speed and out of cornering situations in minimal time.

The team learned a significant amount from its first in-hub design and had to increase the gear reduction to pair with the new motors that it accompanies. Extensive documentation of each in-hub system is provided under the document tab.