The WR-219e builds on the platform laid out by the 218e. It finally brings the improved Wisconsin racing developed power train to all four corners.



The WR-218e follows along Wisconsin Racing’s ambitious mindset as the team took on a major redesign from the WR-217e. The architecture change includes the shift to an all in-hub design, a redesigned accumulator, and Wisconsin Racing’s custom quad inverter and synchronous permanent magnet motors. These architecture changes set the team on the right path for success in the upcoming years.



The WR-217e was Wisconsin Racing's first vehicle to compete in the Formula SAE Electric competition. Building on the experience and success of the combustion cars we have built, we expanded our team to build a second car in 2107. This vehicle features unique drivetrain, combining a in-hub motor system in the front with custom brake calipers and a dual stage rear transmission, all powered by Plettenberg motors.


✓ Torque vectoring and traction control
✓ Carbon fiber monocoque
✓ Genetically optimized aerodynamics
✓ Custom 120 kW quad inverter
✓ Custom 30 kW synchronous permanent magnet motors
✓ Twelve custom PCBs with three embedded systems
✓ Carbon fiber steering wheel with custom LCD display
✓ Custom 6.5 kWh high voltage battery pack and student design battery management system


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