The accumulator is the high voltage tractive battery that contains all of the energy the WR-217e needs in order to finish an endurance race.


Energus Battery Cells

Our accumulator is composed of specialty 18650 lithium-ion Energus modules that have built-in cell fusing and temperature-sensing that fully comply with FSAE regulations. These modules contain eight cells in parallel, for a total of 20 Ah. We use ninety of these modules in our battery, for a total of 6.5 kWh of energy at a fully charged 126V.


Our  modules are packaged within a sheet metal housing that allows for a robust manufacturing and assembly process. The accumulator housing is designed to meet all FSAE regulations while being as light as possible. The accumulator housing also contains the Orion Battery Management System, custom thermistor expansion module, and DC-DC converter to power the vehicle control system.