With one of the highest power to weight ratios of all Formula SAE, the engineers at Wisconsin Racing love to make power. 



  • Turbocharged

  • Electronic Throttle

  • In-house code generation & calibration

  • Physics-based traction & launch control

  • Electro-pneumatic boost control

  • No-Lift, clutch-less electronic shifting

  • Electronic clutch actuation

  • E-85 burning

Power: 75 [BHP]

Torque: 47 [Ft-lbs]



Make: Yamaha

Model: YZ450F

Displacement: 450 [cc]


  • Servo actuated shifting

  • IHI RHF3-CK27 Turbocharger

  • Powered by E85

  • Custom optimized intake, exhaust, fueling, and cooling systems

  • Controlled using in-house developed software


Intake & Fueling

  • Light weight, welded aluminum construction

  • 19 [mm] carbon intake restrictor

  • Optimized manifold and plenum geometry

  • Custom fuel rail & intake boot

  • Vibration isolation

  • Recirculating blow-off system

  • 32 [mm] Bosch Electronic Throttle




At the heart of the driveline is the Drexler Limited-Slip Differential. This fantastic device allows the traction of a solid axle with the maneuverability of an open differential. It is fed power via a low-friction chain drive to a genetically optimized aluminum rear sprocket; and transfers it through tripod bearings and 4140 alloy steel half shafts. System architecture choices were made for reduced complexity and weight at no penalty to reliability.