Formula SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)  is an international collegiate competition where students design, build and compete with a small scale open wheel prototype racecar.

The purpose of the competition is to teach engineering students all aspects of bringing a prototype vehicle to life, from the business know-how to the technical design and build. The competition is broken up into "static" and "dynamic" events. Formula SAE hosts multiple international competitions with hundreds of university teams around the world.

Our Canadian friends, Formule ETS Montreal

Our Canadian friends, Formule ETS Montreal

Static Events

Design - Evaluates student's adherence to good design practices during the conception, iteration, integration, and validation of every subsystem on the vehicle

Presentation - Assesses the team's ability to present a comprehensive business plan on how they could market their vehicle to an amateur racing market

Cost Report - Assesses the team's ability to factor cost of development into the design of the car

James Neville & Dana Paz - 2015 Business Presentation Winners

James Neville & Dana Paz - 2015 Business Presentation Winners

Dynamic Events

Endurance - Measures car's durability and reliability over a 22km race with 15 laps around a track

Autocross - Tests car dynamic ability in a one lap sprint with a series of straights and tight corners

Acceleration - Evaluates car's straight-line acceleration over a distance of 75m

Skidpad - Measures the car's lateral grip by running a turn of constant radius as quickly as possible

Efficiency - Looks at how efficient the car runs during an endurance