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Steering Wheel Circuitry

The steering wheel circuitry in the WR-216 includes embedded systems design using a TI processor, a CAN-bus for robust communication, inputs for paddle shifters and a variety of buttons. It also interfaces over SPI with an LED array to show RPM and contains traction and launch control mode selection.

Wiring Harness

The Harness System is an assembly of wires and electronic components that facilitates the distribution of power and information throughout the car. Our vehicle's harness system utilizes CAN (Control Area Network), allowing our system to be both reliable and lightweight. Connecting over 30 different sensors, a state-of-the-art ECU (Engine Control Unit) and data acquisition system, our harness allows our team to rigorously test, analyze and improve our vehicle's design. 

Fuse Panel

Our fuse panel protects our electronic components by monitoring system power consumption and, in the event of a failure, shutting down power going to that element. Our student designed fuse panel included circuitry for circuit protection, brake plausibility, voltage regulation, frequency to digital conversion and H-bridge circuitry.