Combustion Leadership

Wisconsin Racing has a rich tradition of success with internal combustion racecars in the Formula SAE competitions. The University of Wisconsin-Madison has had an internal combustion team since 1988. 

Dylan Studden | Technical Director

Dylan Studden | Technical Director




Rishi Patel | Team Principal

Rishi Patel | Team Principal

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Damask Grinnell | Business/Ops Lead

Damask Grinnell | Business/Ops Lead

Business And Operations Team

The business and operations team works to build a public image for Wisconsin Racing through social media, public relations and sponsorship acquisition, as well as maintain team organization and workflow. We are also responsible for competition items such as the cost report and the business presentation.

Team Members: Troy Sonnleitner

Jacob Hoeg | Electronics Lead

Jacob Hoeg | Electronics Lead

Electrical Team

The electrical subteam is responsible for the design, manufacturing, and testing of all electronic components on the vehicle. In addition to managing the distribution of power to all components and sensors, the electrical team is also responsible for the acquisition and transmission of vehicle data. 

Team Members: Rishi Patel, Nathan Husemoller, Jacob Hoeg, Cade Fink, Benedict Donnay, Omar Kurosu Jalil, Ethan Lim

Galen Riley | Powertrain Lead

Galen Riley | Powertrain Lead

Powertrain Team

From simulation to fabrication, the powertrain team designs, fabricates, and tests nearly all engine components and subsystems necessary to create a high performance powertrain package. We convert fuel to fun.

Team Members: Dylan Studden, Nate Guth, Louie Meysembourg, Ellie Pecore, Linnea Emerson, Dan O’Brien, John Brandt

Dylan Studden | Aerodynamics Lead

Dylan Studden | Aerodynamics Lead

Aerodynamics Team

The aerodynamics team for the combustion car collaborates closely with their electric equivalents. They are responsible for designing any aerodynamic elements as well as testing their efficiency through various software to optimize efficiency.

Team Members: Isaac Hewett, Shannon Egan, Paul McLean

Alexander Kofman | Chassis Lead

Alexander Kofman | Chassis Lead

Chassis Team

The chassis team works to harness the power created by the powertrain team by putting it to the ground in the fastest and most efficient way possible. They are responsible for the hybrid monocoque frame, steering, suspension, and vehicle dynamics to make Wisconsin Racing vehicles some of the best handling in the world.

Team Members: Justin Paddock, Jack Tamar, Chris Nguyen, Tyler Radavich, Mickey Chudhabuddhi, Cody TeBeest, Alex Redman, Anastasia Bruss, Thea Kirkpatrick, Rishi Patel

Shannon Egan | Composites Lead

Shannon Egan | Composites Lead

Composites team

The composites team is responsible for manufacturing any parts of the car that are carbon fiber, mainly the monocoque, bodywork, and the wings, as well as maintaining any other aerodynamic elements on the vehicle.

Team Members: Walker Silha, Danny Kamenecka, Anastasia Bruss, Lilly Cook, Amir Shulke, Dylan Zinkgraf, Nicola Mennella



Ted Burns
Driver & Aerodynamics/Composites; 2013 - 2019

Alex Halloran
Electric Lead; 2017 - 2019

Alex Miller
Aerodynamics/Composites Lead; 2017 - 2019

Max Schwinghammer

Justin Xie
Chassis Lead, Technical Director; 2015 - 2019


Alex Katz
Powertrain Lead, Lead Machinist;

Alex Shozda
Powertrain, Lead Machinist;

Austin Wooldridge
Team Principal, Business Lead; 2014-2018

Cal Kirley
Powertrain Lead; 2014-2018

Derek Pauls
Powertrain; 2014-2018

Dylan Vassar
Aero/Ergo Lead; 2013-2018

Eric Maciolek
Team Principal, Powertrain Lead; 2014-2018

Isaiah Mitchell
Technical Director, Aero Lead; 2015-2018

Jack Ricklemann
Powertrain; 2014-2018

Jason Elder
Chassis Lead, Powertrain; 2014-2018

Matt Hanson
Aero/Ergo; 2016-2018

Gabriel Alves
Fuel System Lead; 2014-2018


Alex Gehrke
Tech Director; 2015-2017

Dana Paz
Team Principal; 2015-2016

Spencer Clark
Aero/Ergo Lead, Data Aq.; 2011-2017

Jordan Paz
Powertrain R&D; 2014-2017

Mark Lemancik
Electrical Lead; 2014-2016

Ted Vaala
Powertrain; 2014-2017


Stephen Krug
Technical Director, Chassis & Dynamics; 2013-2016


David Klos
R&D and Simulation; 2009-2015

Kevin Richard
Chassis Group Leader; 2011-2015

Michael Rademacher
Composites; 2011-2015

Teddy Berman
Financial Director; 2010-2015


Eric Hutchinson
Technical Director; 2010 - 2014

Jeff Blair
Powertrain/Dyno, Calibrations

Keaton Hilby
Chassis Group Leader

Mike Tuma
Powertrain Group Leader; 2012-2014


Kevin Higgins
Technical Director, Engine Calibration; 2009-2013

Tyler Nicholson
Driveline Design, Powertrain Group Leader; 2009-2013

Adam Horan
Manufacturing; 2009-2013